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The Complete Illustrated Book of YOGA. Swami Vishnudevananda (Свами Вишнудэвананда)
The Complete Illustrated Book of YOGA. Swami Vishnudevananda (Свами Вишнудэвананда)
The Complete Illustrated Book of YOGA. Swami Vishnudevananda (Свами Вишнудэвананда)

The Complete Illustrated Book of YOGA

Йога. Полное иллюстрированное руководство

на английском языке

букинистическое издание (с суперобложкой)


Swami Vishnudevananda (Свами Вишнудэвананда)




Bell Publishing

Год выпуска:1960
Год первой публикации в мире:1960
Размеры:260x177x32 мм
Вес:915 гр
Сохранность:как новая (5 из 5 баллов)
Уровень знаний:5, студенты и выше


Философия йоги, упражнения, чакры, астральное тело и многое другое.

Один из лучших и фундаментальных самоучителей по йоге.

Перед вами первое издание этой книги. До её выхода существовали попытки биографических исследований и курсов по технике йоги, но полная книга так и не была написана. После выхода издания в свет, такая книга появилась, причем написал её лучший ученик прославленного Свами Шивананды. Он объясняет через фотографии все главные асаны (позы) хатха-йоги и рассказывает, как каждую из них может научиться делать неподготовленный человек, даже преклонного возраста или ребенок.

Свами Вишнудэвананда также вводит читателя в основы пранаямы - управление праной, т.е. жизненной энергией.

Автор удивительно глубоко раскрывает скрытый философский смысл йоги, то, чего лишены многие другие книги подобного рода. Ему удается представить йогу как единый подход к жизни, за счет комплексной методики, которая объединила асаны, пранаму и мантру в одном стремлении к самораскрытию.

Издание содержит 146 черно-белых фотографий, из них 140 на всю страницу, а также несколько схематических рисунков необходимых для понимания асан и праны. В конце издания имеется глоссарий.

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Here are exercises for beginners as well as for advanced students-exercises for men, women and children-exercises that cure as well as prevent disease. The author, Swami Vishnudevananda, explains through crystal-clear photographs of all the main Yogic poses, with their variations, definite ways to make it possible for you to

• bring your emotions under control

• increase your powers of concentration at work

• reduce excess fat and develop a beautiful body

• banish chronic constipation and cure rheumatism

• relieve stomach disorders

• increase circulation in arteries and keep them elastic

• keep your thyroid gland healthy

• bring maximum flexibility to ankles, knees and hips

• keep the muscles of your body pliable and youthful even in old age

• and more

Western interest in Yoga is increasing at an amazing rate. What was talked about in whispers ten years ago is now openly broadcast across our land. What was ridiculed as a bizarre fad is today recognized as a basic skill, and many people who looked upon it as a stunt have now embraced it as a way of life. Yoga has come into its own.

The reason for this is clear. Modern man is being compelled to save himself from personal deterioration and mental frustration and among the most valuable aids in this encounter is Yogic art. Through Yoga we are alerted to the need for disciplines which have a scientific rather than a mere dogmatic basis. Here we are confronted by techniques based on truths as old as the ancient East and as new and universal as our growing awareness of cosmic law. The old masters were ahead of us in their search for truth, but today we are with them on the path. Everything we are learning about the inner man and outer space fits into the Yoga system.

Wherever it is seriously undertaken, a remarkable change occurs in the aspiring adept. Where it is studied, new frontiers immediately open. Wherever it is faithfully pursued, old things literally pass away. A new outlook, new health, a new awareness and a new philosophy rush in and vividly transform the individual life.

II met a young man on the west coast who had suffered a severe nervous breakdown. He had been a chain smoker and a physical weakling, a man whose business was going to ruin along with his health. Yoga saved him. He demonstrated Yoga asanas (postures) for me, showed me what pranayama (controlled breathing) had done for him, taught me a good deal about poise and tranquility and explained how a Yogic discipline had "miraculously" rebuilt his life.

Professional people everywhere in America, actors, musicians, lecturers, whose lives are constantly under strain and whose schedules demand top physical and mental fitness, have learned the value of this intriguing study. So have businessmen, students and housewives. Age is no factor in Yoga's effectiveness. Sickness and disease are no deterrents. Vocation and occupation make no difference. In Chicago an investment broker related how Yoga had restored his health and his career. In one of my university classes a student gave Yoga credit for equipping him with a new will-to-learn at a time when he was contemplating leaving school because of his inferiority. A woman of sixty amazed me with her ability to do Yogic postures after a brief twelve-week training period In the Los Angeles public library I noticed a group of young people crowding around the card catalog in the religion and philosophy department. I asked the librarian what was going on and she said, "There is a tremendous demand for books on Yoga. We cannot keep enough of them on hand."

The need for a comprehensive book on Yoga had long been felt by both the novice and the advanced scholar. Some publications stressed the health factor, others the philosophy, and many sought to explain the spiritual principles of Yoga in Western terms. There have been attempts at biographical studies, technical treatises and Fictionized works of many kinds, but the complete Yoga book had never been written.

Now it has been written by a man eminently qualified to do the job. He is Swami Vishnudevananda, disciple of the renowned Sri Sivananda whom many consider the foremost master and the most scientific interpreter of Yogic art. Swami Vishnudevananda is undoubtedly his best-known protege.

I first heard of the Swami through an educator friend of mine in Australia. He wrote me that in all of his experience he had never encountered a more lucid teacher and a more impressive exponent of Yoga than "this remarkable young Hindu." He urged me to meet Vishnudevananda when he came to the United States. This I was most happy to do and for several weeks the "Swamiji" was my companion in class periods, lectures at service clubs, as guest on TV programs and in private consultations with people of many walks of life who were in need of techniques to live by. Wherever he went, success went with him. Wherever he touched life, life was enriched. This was as it should be because the law of Yoga is the law of life. The science of Yoga embodies the secret of cosmic science. The application of Yoga presupposes the intuitive perception of universal knowledge and as this flows in and through the channel of an adept it draws all people into its cosmic stream. Whit we like to refer to as a "strong personality" is, according to Yogic insight pure consciousness in action.

Many of us who have done research in India and in other parts of the world realized that Swami Vishnudevananda was uniquely equipped to bring Yoga to the West in a new and striking way. He had the language ability to convey the esoteric meaning, the remarkable physical development to demonstrate the most advanced postures, the self-discipline to inspire others, the humility necessary to be the recipient of cosmic power, and the integrated philosophical concept to define the deepest Yogic truth: there is that point when the knower and the knowledge and the object to be known are one, there is that moment when the spirit of man is recognized as identical with the spirit of Cod.

The thoroughness with which Swami Vishnudevananda developed The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga is the best commentary on his scholarly approach to the subject. He has achieved something quite extraordinary, namely the combining of profound truths with a popular presentation. He has caught the inquiring spirit of the Western seeker and has satisfied it with clear-cut definitions of practical function. We can now, for the first time, understand and practice Yoga as we would under the personal direction of a master teacher.

The genius of Swami Vishnudevananda's work is that it treats Yoga as a unilateral approach to life. If you practice only Yogic posures, you have but a form of physical exercise. If you devote yourself only to controlled breathing, you are engaging in a simple therapy. If you repeat only the affirmations (mantras), you are merely effecting a form of prayer. The inner power of Yoga becomes apparent when the three approaches—asanas, pranayama, mantras—are unified as one approach to self-discovery. Only then, when discipline of the body, mind and spirit are synthesized, do we begin to enter the deepest mystery— a mystery which this book admirably interprets and explains. No Yogi has sensed the trichotomy of our Western life quite so well as Swami Vishnudevananda; no one has suggested the remedy more clearly.

Here, out of the secret lore of the ancient past, a young man has expertly drawn together the philosophy of East and West to integrate the individual life and to achieve a basic harmony with the environmental world surrounding us. The limitless self you have so often conceived can now be achieved through an adventure fully and excitingly defined in The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga.


Iowa City, Iowa November 1959

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Mysterious Kundalini.
Vasant G. Rele

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